One Bedroom Apartment Rentals in Manhattan

Are you looking forward to living in the city? Do you want the pleasure of having your own bedroom, bathroom, and operable kitchen? Have you looked into the multiple sections of the city — Chelsea, West Village, Upper East Side — and determined which spots you absolutely have to experience living in?


Luckily, your apartment-hunting days just got much easier. With our new Replay Listings app, you are given a video-friendly way of renting apartments in Manhattan. 

If you're searching for a one bedroom apartment to rent in New York City, a tool like Replay Listings will save you a lot of heartache and frustration! View our apartment listings!\

How You Normally Rent an Apartment

If you're not using our app, how do you typically go about renting apartments in Manhattan? You might start by searching online or in the newspaper, and there's an area that catches your eye. The rent seems doable with your income, and the photos look cozy and perfect for your needs. You send an email or leave a message for the agent who posted the ad, and then you wait.

They call you back and tell you one of two things:

1. The one bedroom apartment is available. You can make an appointment to see it in person and make the deal! 

2. Someone submitted an application before you or the apartment has been rented, so you can't get that particular apartment — but there are a few more one bedrooms available for rent in the area. 

This can become a very back-and-forth process until you finally land a rental that is ready for your visit — but then when you walk in, it doesn't look like the photos at all. The ceiling is less than appealing, the kitchen only half works, the bedroom seems more cramped than it does cozy.

Our App Can Help

The game changes dramatically once you download and use our Replay Listings app to find your new one bedroom apartment. Instead of using photos that can easily be edited to blur out unwanted marks or completely remove items out of the image, we rely on walk-through videos. This allows you to see the entirety of the apartment, unedited and non-manipulated.


Your search begins with our filter page. Choose your areas of interest, whether that's the Upper East Side, Gramercy or near Hell's Kitchen, the number of bedrooms you're looking for and your price range — our listings start at $1,500. Your results will line up, and you're ready to take a virtual walk-through. When you find your dream spot, you can choose to call or text the agent directly, securing your next home.


All of our apartment videos are original content and shot in-app daily. Download our app from the App Store today and begin your stress-free apartment hunt in New York City!


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