Why do Videos get Rejected?

And how to get the most out of the App

So you love yourself, we get it, we love you too! 

When Renters are searching for their next home, they are likely to be looking for specific type of content, which is why we ask that when advertising apartments, you take into account the following:

1) No Faces in the videos. Pets are okay.

The posts should only show raw apartments how they are, and no people on it.

Why? Because showing someone's face might be perceived as a violation of their privacy, and we want to respect everybody and create an environment in which everybody feels safe.

We are working hard everyday to bring more features that will allow agents to brand themselves, so don't worry. Fun stuff is coming your way!


And don't worry, showing pets is okay - unless they (or their owner) personally ask you not to ;P

2) No Personal belongings.

We want you to have happy clients, and we want you to avoid a situation in which they complain about having their framed pictures or their messy apartment exposed to the world. We're trying to protect everybody and foster a happy environment.

3) No videos of outside of the apartments are allowed.

It's common sense, really. Our objective is to advertise apartments, not concerts or food posts :)

Having said this, we have been getting great feedback from Agents asking if they can shoot a video of outside of the building - which is a great observation. Which is why we've been working on adding them ourselves. This feature will be coming soon. So don't worry about advertising the outside, it's the inside that counts :)

4) No shaky or super fast-paced videos.

When Renters are browsing through the app, they're looking to have a nice experience, not a roller-coaster ride (not that we don't love roller-coasters. We do, but not in here!). When shooting videos of the apartments, please be gentle, walk at a slow pace and try to be as stable as possible.​ Your clients will appreciate that and will react positively to it.

5) Posts should last at least 15 seconds.

We get it, there are tiny studios out there that don't have much to show. That's okay, but allow your customers to be able to experience the apartment by showing them a worthy video. They'll be grateful for it.

Taking these rules into account will help you improve your chances of getting more quality leads and improve your business and your customer's experience. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know by writing an email to info@replaylistings.com

Good luck!

- Team Replay Listings

40 Second Quick Tutorial: How to shoot the best videos

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