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This is our latest update as to what Renters have been searching for within the Replay Listings iOS mobile app. 

During the month of November 2018, we had over 1,000 new-user searches on the Replay Listings iOS mobile app, and over 1,600 new-users looking for apartments within our website, totalling over 2,600 new users searching for apartments

Please keep in mind that this market report is focused on the mobile app.


// Location, Size, and Price


Within our filters (Price, Size, Location) our users have NOT been selecting a neighborhood in many cases, any have been prone to allocate their priorities to Price and Size instead. 

The Size of apartment searched for the most was TWO BEDROOMS, and ONE BEDROOMS followed right after. Together, they had over 600 searches this month within the App. Data from our website will follow, but narrative appears to indicate the same ratios. Studios, 3BRs and 4+BRs accounted for less than 50% of searches.


Here data with neighborhoods searched for within the app:

As seen above, East Harlem, Harlem and Chelsea combined occupied a significant portion of the searches when a neighborhood was selected.

More interesting, Replay Listing’s Database is “not the biggest” on Chelsea, with only around 37 availabilities listed. So, agents who advertise on Chelsea are bound to significantly improve their chances of getting more quality leads.

In addition, Harlem has only 44 availabilities listed within the Replay Listing’s mobile app. Which means that during the month of November, more than twice as many people searched for “Harlem” as the number of availabilities listed in it. In other words, Harlem appears to be another huge area of opportunities to advertise and improve their chances of closing deals.

East Harlem has 86 availabilities listed. 

// Our Inventory

On another note, RE Agents seem to be advertising the UES quite a lot. It appears to have the most inventory.

The Upper East Side has 814 listed apartments within the Replay Listings App, making it the most advertised neighborhood, directly followed by Murray Hill and Midtown East, which together have around 800.
The next place goes to Upper West side with 392 listed apartments.

// Quick Message of E X P A N S I O N !

We're expanding to Brooklyn and Queens very soon! So, if you work, manage or own a Real Estate Agency with offices in these locations, please contact us to schedule a meeting with you and your agents at your office - Breakfast on us!

// Replay Listings

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